01  Introduction
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I've been developing websites for over 15 years and during this time I have learnt many different programming languages and techniques. Scroll down for more details about my experience.



I always aim to produce semantically correct HTML which validates against W3C standards and WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines. Valid code helps with cross-browser, cross-platform and future compatibility ensuring your site reaches it’s maximum possible audience. During my time at Allied Healthcare accessibility was one of my top priorities and I would regularly check my code for issues using the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool.


After years of dealing with browser inconsistencies and evolving design trends I have a very thorough knowledge of most CSS techniques. An attractive design and subtle animations can greatly enhance the user experience. For most websites I like to take advantage of the variables and nesting built into SASS and for larger, team based projects BEM should be used to avoid coding conflicts.


I started learning JavaScript on the W3Schools website back in 2005 and am currently getting used to the new commands and syntax introduced with ES6. Wherever possible I like to use vanilla JavaScript but many of my sites use jQuery as it speeds up development and produces clean, easy to read code.


This website was written using PHP. I understand how to correctly use functions, classes and variables. My skills improved recently when I created a WordPress image slider plugin called Lightweight Slider.


Search engine optimisation and internet marketing are essential for most public facing websites. I understand the importance of creating compelling content which answers the users query whilst including relevent keywords to attract future searches. Page speed, inbound links and symantically correct markup are also important factors. Don't forget your alt text!


I’ve been using SQL for decades and regularly perform backups or restore data using MySQL. I became skilled with SQL Server when I worked as a Database Analyst for Bourne Leisure.


Font selection, visual hierarchy, contrast, line height and white space are all important factors when creating a good looking website with great legibility. Selecting the correct font helps to establish a visual identity for your brand in order to attract your target customer base.