Web Developer

Mark Banfill

Web Developer

Hello..! I am a web developer living in Hertfordshire, England.

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CSS makes animations
me happy!

After years of dealing with browser inconsistencies and evolving design trends I have a very thorough knowledge of most CSS techniques.

Unlike many modern web developers I am able to create a site from scratch using HTML and CSS markup that validates against W3C standards.

Typography is also important to me and I am able to choose good looking web fonts whilst paying attention to readability and vertical rhythm.

I prefer clean, simple design and if appropriate I use the latest techniques like subtle animation effects, Flexbox for navigation and grids for layout.



Clean and accessible

I always aim to produce semantically correct HTML which validates against W3C standards and WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

I’m familiar with both Windows and Linux operating systems so creating a DOS batch file or Unix shell Bash script isn’t a problem.

For client side code I use JavaScript or jQuery and for server side programming I have used PHP, Visual Basic and C# in the past.

Valid code helps with cross-browser, cross-platform and future compatibility ensuring your site reaches it’s maximum possible audience.