01  Introduction
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I make websites.

Need a web developer with over 15 years experience?

This is my portfolio site which contains details on my experience, how I work and the tools I use. Please scroll down to find out more about me.

Experience counts.

Do you need someone with a wide range of skills who has the experience to take on all aspects of web development? During my career I have worked with ASP.NET, Drupal and more recently WordPress. I also enjoy handcrafting websites like this one which was built from scratch using HTML5 Boilerplate. Please check the experience page for further details.

An eye for detail.

I've spent many years working with responsive designs and thanks to this I am able to consistently produce websites which look great on any device. I understand the fundamental principles of design like emphasis, balance and alignment, contrast, proportion and white space. You can see examples of my work on the portfolio page.

Simplicity first.

I prefer a clean, simple design which gets your point across quickly and with minimal fuss. Websites with fewer assets load quicker and are less prone to error. I aim to use best practice techniques in all languages which produce clean, easy to read, re-usable code. Where possible I try to avoid plugins and opt for a home grown approach to development. For an in depth look at my workflow process check the development page.

I've been busy.

In my last job I worked for 10 years as a web developer for Allied Healthcare. This involved the development, deployment and management of many customer facing websites. We used Windows and Linux environments so I have plenty of experince with IIS, DOS, Apache and Unix shell Bash scripts. Before that I was a database analyst for Bourne Leisure so SQL is second nature to me.

Get in touch.

07866 080085

I'm based in sunny Hemel Hempstead. I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in my services.